Guest Post: Cripple Creek Barbeque

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This is a guest post from a friend in the Denver area, John Lynch, who is the Chef/Owner of Cripple Creek Barbeque. Enjoy!

Have you ever held your breath for 90 days straight?

That is what it was like for us from February to April. We decided to give Kickstarter a second go to see if we could raise money for our dream of a BBQ Food Truck.

A little back story.

I am John Lynch of Cripple Creek Barbeque, a little BBQ Sauce company with a dream of having our own restaurant. We have morphed and adjusted our dream to a food truck, to bring our food to the people as opposed to making them come to us. I am a trained chef that discovered the joy and love of all things slow. The way the food is raised to the way it is cooked. We live in a much too high paced world and need to get more community. We used Kickstarter to fund our dream.

Kickstarter is a way to raise funds online through Crowd Funding. It gives a project a chance to raise money through Social Networking “friends”. You raise money through a large group of people giving you small individual amounts.

We had tried, unsuccessfully, to use Kickstarter at the end of 2010 to raise money to extend our business. We felt that we weren’t focused enough for a successful project, so we went at it again with a plan.

We did reach our goal with the amazing help from many of our friends and family, who are ALL part of the CCB family. We reached our goal after a feverish push on the last 3 days where we raised over $3000! We were blown away by the love, support and belief in our dream.

We have since bought a 1994 Chevy Step Van which we will convert into a moving kitchen to serve great BBQ to the people of the Denver/ Boulder area. We are now shopping for kitchen equipment, plumbing equipment, food suppliers, and other little things to get this thing rolling! You can follow our progress at or

Take care of each other,