July 4th: Continued healing

I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy some level of July 4th festivities.  July 4th was a day of continued healing for me.  BBQ is a big part of my life and how I both express myself and release stress.  To me there is no release like smoking a pork shoulder for 14 hours or spending 4 hours to get the perfect ribs(which I never eat) or smoking anything else. While going through the ordeal with Aaron, I had not really had a proper release with some good Que.  The only time over the last few months that I really was able to get down the way I normally do was for Aaron’s post funeral gathering.  I spent the night before the funeral doing several racks of baby backs and pork shoulders.  It helped me get mentally ready for the next day.

Outside of that, I had not done anything and so I needed the fourth to be the next step in my healing.  So naturally, I had a few friends over and went to work and made a fresh batch of sauce and dry rub.  I ended up doing a shoulder and for the first time a beer can chicken.  I also slow cooked my burgers for the first time.  Instead of the usual high heat, I cooked them for an hour over a lower temperature.  I experimented on my guests and they seemed to enjoy it.  There was only one burger left that evening.

It was also the first time I had gathered with most of these friends since the funeral.  It was great to be around all my best friends in this area on a more positive note.  They all have helped me in the healing process and did so yet again.  Thanks to Dustin Chicurel-Bayard, Miriam Chicurel-Bayard, Ian Mance, Nicole Foster, and Cara Williams for being that kind of friend to me and my family. You all helped to make the 4th another step in the healing process.


Enjoy the pictures!


Grill Master Chuck

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Those who have read my stuff before know that I am not a fan of mustard based sauces because I am not a huge fan of mustard.  I have always looked for a mustard based sauce that would change my mind.  A few weeks ago BBQ Sauce Reviews was having one of their Friday Giveaways and of course I entered.  It was for some sauce and rub from Grill Master Chuckwho is pretty well known in NC.  I wanted to see if this mustard sauce “South of the Butt” could be one that could turn me on mustard sauces.

I did not have a lot of time to cook a Boston Butt on the smoker so I went with a Crockpot version that I have written about before.  This time I used the Grill Master Chuck’s “South of the Butt” dry rub to season the meat and then put some apple cider vinegar in with some liquid smoke and let it cook on low over night.  This method does produce some tender and moist meat, but even with some liquid smoke it won’t have the mmmm smoke flavor you get when you use the smoker.

The rub was great and gave the meat a different flavor than my usual rub and the family liked it.  My wife made the cole slaw and we always use onion rolls for our sandwiches.  Now is the time for me to admit, I did enjoy this mustard sauce.  The mustard was not overbearing and there was a nice kick to it as well.  I am not ready to admit that I am a convert to the mustard sauces, but I will admit that I like this one.  I would and will use this one again.  This “South of the Butt” sauce is the first mustard based sauce I have ever liked.