The power of media

I will preface this by saying that I am not a Miami Heat fan, I do not have a favorite NBA team just love watching it and following certain athletes. Two players I rather enjoy watching are Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. I don’t care about their lives off the court as so many do, but they are two of the best players in the world. Most people, even avid basketball fans, have an opinion of these two based on how the media talks about them. I avoid reading or watching any basketball analysis after a Heat game, because the media covers it in such extremes.  When they win, everyone loves them and talks about when they both are at the top of their game, they should never lose.  When they lose, their off the court habits get discussed, their perceived lack of commitment gets discussed, and you would think they are the two worst people in the world on and off the court.

This media dance has made these two of the most hated athletes in the world.  The fact that the greatest player ever only won 6 championships despite playing 15 seasons in the NBA.  I know six is a lot, but if the greatest player ever could not win every year, neither can Lebron and Wade.  I am not defending either of them, but want to make a larger point about the media and how it dictates our thinking.

The same concept translates to politics and the news media.  The lack of unbiased reporting has contributed mightily to the political divide of this country.  We have the extremes like Fox News for the right and MSNBC for the left. CNN has extremes within its own host.  What none of these stations offer is an unbiased viewpoint on any issue.  Everything is to the extreme one way or the other and there is no middle ground.  When our media is that extreme, the truth often gets shaded to make their viewpoint more appealing to their audience which gets them bigger ratings.  The end result is a divided country whose views are to the extremes with no middle ground, and yet we wonder why our politicians can’t get anything done.

I think the biggest way to have an informed country is for more unbiased media.  We need to have the issues discussed with no bias, and then let the people make the decisions for themselves.  As of now, the extremes in our media already dictate where people stand.  Let’s remove the bias from both sides and let people make their own conclusions.