Amendment One: The Morning After

This morning as I woke up and put my plan in place to get some work done and visit my son in the hospital, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Since I moved to NC I have often be proud of the state, but last night was not one of them.  I will never understand why we had to go over and beyond what was already illegal.  Gay marriage was already illegal according to the state constitution.  Why did we have to go over and beyond that.  Is there that much hatred towards our gay brothers and sisters, that we had to go so far to discriminate against them?  Is the hatred so much that we needed to harm straight couples who don’t believe in marriage, or weaken protections for victims of domestic violence who aren’t married, or potentially harm children of unmarried couples.

That is what makes this so hard for me.  The state didn’t just further prevent gay marriage, instead it stripped the rights of tens of hundreds of people and children in the state.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like for any of those impacted to wake up this morning and know that over 1 million people in their home state voted against them and their rights.  How do we explain to our children that hatred won out?  How can we expect our future generations to not be driven by hate, if we can’t lead by example.  North Carolina had another chance to lead the south by example, only this time we failed.  I hope every couple gay and straight, and their children will take solace in the fact that over 800,000 people stood with them, and that they do have support here.  I hope that those same couples who live in other states, who once considered moving here, will not be discouraged and change their minds, and realize that there are people here who will stand and fight with them.  I hope that the coalition of people who stood together to fight this hateful amendment will continue to work together to keep the fight going, and show those impacted that we love and support them and will stand with them to the end.

The quote that I live my life by forbids me from believing that hate will win out in the end.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


3 responses to “Amendment One: The Morning After

  1. I think to say people voted for this amendment out of hatred is incorrect.

    I believe people who oppose same-sex relationships, or for that matter anything that is outside their operating framework do so out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of that which is different and not understood by them.
    To say that they hate only makes them more defensive and less willing to listen to other points of view. It is only by showing them compassion and doing our best to find each individual’s root cause for fear toward whatever issue and addressing the fear and misunderstanding at the core that will heal hearts and win peace and equality at the end of the day.
    Certainly there are a few who truly “hate” for whatever reason. But I believe the majority are simply afraid at the changes in the world that they see as potentially threatening. They truly believe their lives and the world they know and care about are in jeopardy. And if we can approach these people and our interactions with them from one of compassion and education instead of hostility and condemnation, everyone will be the better for it.

  2. Why vote YES on 8 you ask?1) 61% already voted yes and our vote was taken away2) Society has to set a moral line and this is that line3) We don’t want this taguht in school4) We don’t want churches forced to wed gays or chance loosing their tax exempt status5) Only 3% of the population is gay and they already have all the rights of marred people.6) gay, bisexuals (i.e., anything for a good time) while tolerated is not acceptable behavior7) etc. etcThat’s the WhyYES on 8

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