Why I oppose Amendment One

I know it has been a long while since I wrote a post.  My last post gave some insight to what is going on in my life that has kept me from blogging.  However, as I sit here this morning trying to mentally prepare for my son to have his sixth surgery in under six months, I believe this is an issue that I must write about.

While I know that this amendment is about more than gay marriage, despite what supporters want you to think.  That is what I want to focus on.  I can’t bring myself to believe that supporters of this amendment really want to prevent children from healthcare, or protect people from domestic violence, or discriminate against their straight brothers and sisters who believe in relationships not defined by marriage. Instead, this amendment is rooted in hatred of people who love differently from what society deems as normal.

I was raised in what most Christians would say was a good Christian home.  My parents were loving parents who were fundamental Baptists and took the King James Version as the only true Bible.  The churches we attended were always very conservative in their politics and anything that strayed from the teachings of the Bible were not looked at favorably.  One result of that was being raised in a very homophobic environment.  Until I went to college, I never had any real interactions with the gay community.  My only view on the situation was that they were sinners destined for hell unless they changed their immoral lifestyles.

It wasn’t until college, when I made friends with people who were not anti-gay, and friends with people who were gay, that my view began to change.  I started to see that they were no different from me other than who they chose to love. The big lesson I learned though, was that I had no reason to hate them, and that who they loved had no impact on who I wanted to love.  My love for my girlfriend was in no way diminished by their love.  One friend in particular, Jason Willis, was very passionate with his boyfriend at the time, and that passion was no different from the passion I wanted in my relationship.  Other than the fact the he was with a man and I wanted to be with a woman, we were no different.  Those nights of hanging with him and his significant other and our mutual friend Terica West changed my perspective on the whole situation.

Fast forward to today.  I am married with three children and in no way feel threatened by gay marriage.  Even if this amendment was only about gay marriage (which it isn’t), I would still oppose it.  My marriage is in no way threatened by gay marriage, I don’t believe the sanctity of my marriage changes one bit.

Even though I do not attend church on a regular basis, I still am a Christian.  I don’t understand how my other Christian brothers and sisters who speak about loving their neighbor as themselves, or who talk about the love Jesus showed for everyone, could support this.  I will not believe for one second that Jesus’ message of love included stripping the rights of people we are supposed to love.  How can people see the love of Christ in us when we want to take away their rights and attack them for who they love.  I don’t think we can.  And I don’t think one can preach about the love of Christ, while demonstrating hate at the same time.

This is simply about love versus hate.  I for one stand for love and hope that others including my fellow Christians will stand for love. If we truly want to carry out the love of Jesus, we can’t vote for hate.


14 responses to “Why I oppose Amendment One

  1. Why is it always assumed that when a person that doesn’t agree with and doesn’t support gay marriage that person hate gays, or is a homophobic? Parents don’t always agree with the actions of their kids but that doesn’t mean that they hate their kids. The Jesus that you spoke of hated the sins of the world but loved the people enough that he came and died for them. If Jesus didn’t hate the sins of people, then there wouldn’t have been any reason for him to come at all.

    The issue of banning gay marriage has nothing to do with hating the gay community (even though there are people who do hate gays), it has to do with right and wrong. Just because the gay community believes nothing is wrong with how and who they love, doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. The Bible that you speak of speaks clearly against the gay community and it has nothing to do with hate. From the beginning of time marriage has always been set aside for man and woman. Lets take our feelings and thoughts about it out of the equation. Lets look at our biology. Our bodies are designed for a man and woman to come together and procreate. Our physical makeup dictates that men and women belong together. So when the gay community goes outside of what things are intended for, they can’t get mad when society doesn’t agree with them, and it doesn’t mean that society hates them. Gay marriage is not about love and hate its about right and wrong.

    • While I will admit that hate, may be a strong word. I do think homophobic fits appropriately. No one is denying the fact that the Bible considers homosexuality a sin. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that homosexuals should not be allowed to get married. Gay Marriage is never addressed at all. So while the church and Christians can continue to be against a homosexual lifestyle, it is wrong to deny them rights available and the legal protections that come with that.

      Furthermore, this amendment was not just about gay marriage. Straight couples who do not believe in marriage, have also lost their legal status and protection, which could have negative impacts on their children. That also is not right.

      Even your biology analogy is not relevant. The bottom line is that we have a separation of church and state in this country, so that the bias of the church does not govern our country. Our government is not God, and therefore has no place to determine that two consenting adults cannot get married.

      • The other things that are in amendment one I wasn’t commenting on just as you said you were focusing on the gay marriage part, so was I.
        But were have we been getting our rights and wrongs from? Who says I can’t take something thats not mine? Who says I can’t go up to somebody and kill them and have no punishment for that action? Our basic foundation for our law is based on the Bible. The Bible doesn’t specifically say that “gay marriage” is wrong but it does lay down that prinicipal. It does say that a man should leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife, not cleave unto his husband nor a woman to a wife .
        And our biology has everything to do with. Thats why humans walk on two feet instead of on all fours because our biology tells us to do, its the basic foundation of how we live.

      • So by your definition, it should be illegal to have a beer, illegal to have sex before marriage, and illegal to cuss? Everything that the bible considers a sin should have a law that makes it illegal?

      • So by your implied definition, should child pornography, statutory rape and grown person marrying an underage kid legal? What separates marriage from these other things is that marriage itself is a legal contract. Not only are people making a vow before God and their partner they are entering a legally binding contract. Marriage is an institution first created by God (another example that our law is based on the Bible), and its not our place to change it.

      • None of the things you list should be legal. There is a difference between two consenting adults and a child who can’t. Laws are in place to protect people which is why child pornography, statuatory rape, and marrying children aren’t legal. Children need laws to protect them. None of these parallel marriage between two consenting adults who can enter into a legal contract.

      • We still have laws that prevent even adults from doing certain things. Drugs are illegal prostitution are illegal, and there are other things that are illegal that take place between “consenting adults”. Just because it seems “right” doesn’t mean that it should be done.

      • drugs that cause addiction and bodily harm is not the same neither is selling yourself for sex. so I don’t think they have a place in this discussion. the bottom line is that loving someone is not illegal and that is the basis for marriage. people who love each other and want be married and get the legal protections that go with it should be allowed.

      • You can’t just keep writing off arguements and say they aren’t valid when they are. Selling yourself for sex has nothing to do with anybody except the two Consenting adults that are performing the act. Just as you say two gays getting married are between two Consenting adults. Two adults having sex isn’t illegal so why is selling yourself illegal? But yet, you think one is right and the other is wrong. Both are between adults, they both agree to do it, nobody else is hurt by it (so they say). But you say one is wrong but the other is right.How is that?

      • The reason I can is because none of those are near the same thing as marriage. The other reason is because everything you have mentioned is illegal for everyone, not some people but everyone regardless of how you believe or choose to live. Marriage is different. It can’t be legal for some and not others. This is mainly about equal rights of citizens and not treating a large segment of the population as second class, while expecting them to pay taxes and be productive members of society. If we are all created equal, then we all deserve equal rights whether we think their lifestyle is immoral or a sin. Regardless of religion or biology, we can’t treat people as second class citizens because we disagree with them.

      • Your last arguement is totally invalid, and its starting to contradict itself. As already stated adults can’t marry kids even if the kid is 16 or 17 and well aware of what is going on. Are they being treated as second class citizens? 1st cousins can’t get married, are they treated as second class citizens? We can’t have more the one wife or husband. Is that treating polygamists as second class citizens? And there a plenty of other non-moral laws that allow one group of people to do something while making it illegal for others to do the exact samething. Nobody is being treated as second class citizens. They aren’t being thrown in jail because they are gay. They aren’t being denied to go to resturants, and other public services. So how are they being treated as second class citizens?

      • There is no contradiction here. 16 and 17 year olds aren’t legal adults that is why they can’t get married. I’m not going to debate the merits of polygamy or how marrying cousins is on the on the same level. After debating this topic for several days, I have learned when it is time to move on when neither side is going to move the others position.

        I respectfully disagree with your position.

  2. Right on Andre! You are really on point! Mike I think you are standing on a platform in which you may not truly understand the consequences which follow. You say that there are laws in place to protect the rights of children and yes there are laws in place now but in 15 years or less it will be the same argument different topic. Pedophiles may want their rights. People who perform bestiality will want their rights and so on and so forth. What will stop them from getting their rights besides that fact that you or I believe that’s just crossing the line? There are a whole lot of things I firmly stand against that may not directly affect my personal life but it’s wrong Biblically which directs my moral compass. Abortion is one of them for me. The Bible is my foundation and the foundation this country was built on. Remove the foundation and anything is up for grabs. That’s where the problem lies. In your view what would keep others who participate in what is currently considered vile lifestyles (such as pedophilia or bestiality) from pursuing their rights?

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