New life brings joy and challenges

For people who regularly read this blog for BBQ and Politics information, you may have noticed a lack of recent posts.  I apologize for the lack of posts and want to update everyone on the reason for this.

On November 14 at 8:30 am, my wife and I welcomed our third child and first son into this world. This joyous occasion was also accompanied by a lot of grief and stress.  Aaron was born with a rare heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, basically this is when the left side of the heart never fully develops and does not work.  The right side of the heart has to do all the work and if left untreated would fail ending the baby’s life.  Many parents do not know of this diagnosis until after the baby is born and they see certain symptoms.  We were lucky enough to where our doctors discovered this condition back in June and so we were able to take months to prepare for everything, and the doctors could have a treatment plan in place.

To treat this condition, there is a series of 3 surgeries done over the first 18 months of the baby’s life.  These surgeries restructure the heart to take pressure off of the right side and allow the heart to function as close to normal as possible.  As with any open heart surgeries, there are risks.  These risks are heightened when operating on a beating heart the size of a strawberry.

When Aaron was first-born, he had to have an emergency procedure done to relieve some pressure from his lungs.  A complication of his condition, had caused some pressure on the lungs making them not be at 100% at the time of his birth.  Aaron has been progressing nicely, and could soon be out of the ICU.  He still has ways to go before coming home, but considering everything he is doing well.

So that is what I have been focusing my attention on over the last month and not work or BBQ or politics.  Today is my first day back at work, and I will slowly get back in the swing of things about what is happening with our country.  Slowly regular posts will begin to show up.  I will also post some updates on my lil man as well.


One response to “New life brings joy and challenges

  1. I am still sending you lots of love from Atlanta. Please do keep us posted on his progression. Take care of your little ones and your beautiful wife and don’t worry about us.
    Love always, Laura

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