Bank Protests can lead to results

The #occupywallstreet fever is spreading the nation with rallies happening in cities all over the country.  While it is good to see the masses, the coverage they get has turned away from bank actions and protests that were happening before the ows movement.  On the west coast groups have been doing targeted actions against banks and in New York a coalition of groups turned out 20,000 people On May 12th to shut down Wall Street after a week of smaller build up actions.

What I want to showcase is that people have been organizing against the banks well before the recent tidal wave. Many of these other marches, rallies, and acts of civil disobedience all have had clear messages and demands unlike the much critiqued ows movement.  Because of this they are seeing results.  Over on the west coast groups like Alliance of Californians of Community Empowerment (ACCE) have joined others in a coalition: Make Banks Pay California.

This week their efforts were able to save a family’s home in L.A., and I would anticipate their success will grow.  This shows that bank protests can lead to results and people should not so quickly write off the #occupywallstreet movement as a phase.  Even though victories like the one in L.A. seem to get lost in the press, they are happening.  As as groups like the ones in California link into the ows movement, their focused messaging and demands will only make the movement stronger.


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