Is simply being angry enough

Unless you live under a rock you know about the Occupy Wall Street movement that is spreading from Manhattan to cities across the country.  This weekend there were events in Raleigh and Charlotte this weekend.  What is clear from these events is that people are angry.  Not just about banks, but many other issues facing our country.  But is simply being angry enough?

As a former organizer and still an activist, it fires me up to see so many people fired up and hitting the streets.  I worry though is being angry and hitting the streets enough? I’ve always believed in organizing with a purpose and not just organizing to organize.  I fear that some of what is driving this Occupy Wall Street is organizing to organize.  Every serious organizing movement in this country was about more than just being angry, it was being angry with a purpose.

I am not sure if this current movement is going to go anywhere or gain any victories without a purpose to the marches. As more groups and people join the movement, I hope that some organization comes to the movement. I would hate to see the masses of people who are hitting the street to go to waste. Let’s be angry with a purpose and not just angry to be angry.


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