Courage to lead

Last night NJ Governor Chris Christie gave a speech at the Reagan Library in California.  He basically announced himself as the second coming of Reagan.  Even though he still wants people to believe he will not enter the race, he used the opportunity to attack the president and lift himself up.  He wants to lift himself up and bring down Obama on the topic of leadership.

“We watch a president who once talked about the courage of his convictions, but still has yet to find the courage to lead.”  This was a key quote from his speech.  I will admit, I don’t know all the details of what Christie’s record looks like in NJ. So I am not going to attack his leadership ability until I know what he has done.  Even then, I am not sure I would attack his leadership.  To me, part of being a leader is standing for something even if it is not popular. I think attacking someone’s leadership on topics that you don’t agree is pretty weak.

As much as I was not a fan of Bush, Jr.  I would not question his leadership.  He led the country after 9/11 and even if I could not agree on all of his policies, he did what he had to do even if everyone did not agree with him.  I support our current president, but have not agreed with everything he has done, but I believe he is doing what he believes is right.  Standing for what he believes is right, even if everyone won’t agree is part of leadership.

I understand if you can’t agree on his policies, attack his policies.  But don’t attack his leadership or his courage to lead simply because you don’t agree with where his plans have taken us. Understanding the line between attacking or disagreeing with someone’s policies and attacking their leadership or courage to lead is also part of being a leader.  So maybe Christie needs to work on what it means to be a leader.


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