Raise the Debt Ceiling Already!

It seems like everyday the debt ceiling negotiations get more and more out of hand.  It seems like we have a bunch of children walking the halls of Congress these days.  Neither side is innocent either.  Both republicans and democrats have drawn hard lines in the sand about what they will and will not support. Republicans do not want to increase taxes on the rich and want to just cut, cut, cut in order to agree to raise the ceiling.  Democrats want to increase taxes while protecting their legacy entitlement programs.  Enough already!

At some point our politicians need to do what is right for the country.  Polls have already shown people want them to take a balanced approach and are angry at both sides for how they are handling this.  No one is happy, and yet our good politicians in Washington cannot get past pandering to their caucuses.  We all know that our debt is a problem.  We all know that we need to make spending cuts somewhere to help control how much we have to borrow.  We all know that our tax system needs to be revamped, and we all know the debt ceiling needs to be raised to protect the world markets.  That is three things that we can all agree on and should be the basis for all talks.

If we know we need to raise the ceiling, then by all means raise it and stop playing political games. It is not the time to use a potential national crisis to try to score political points.  Raise the ceiling and stop tying it to spending cuts or tax increases.  Deal with the debt ceiling first, and then go back to the drawing board on the other topics. If we focus on what we agree on progress can be made.


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