Spicy Chicken BBQ Sandwich – Elmo’s Diner

This is a cross post from www.roadmaptobbq.com.

I have been a bit heavy on the policy here lately, so I wanted to bring in some Que conversation to lighten the mood a bit!


The other day we were sitting at work deciding where to go for lunch.  There was a spot in Durham, I had yet to eat and so it was decided that is where we would go, Elmo’s Diner.  It isn’t a BBQ joint so it that wasn’t even on my mind.  Yet to my surprise there was a Chicken BBQ Sandwich on the menu.  It is described on the menu as being NC Style Shredded BBQ so of course I had to try it.  I have eaten chicken like this and though it doesn’t taste like pulled pork, it gives me the same sensation.

The other good thing is that it was listed as spicy.  If anyone knows me, they know that spicy is good to me.  In fact, the spicier the better.  Of course I ordered the sandwich with came with fries and some slaw.  I was not a fan of the slaw, I am not saying it was bad but just wasn’t great.  I still put it on top if the chicken so I could taste is as they wanted.  On top of that I added the Spicy Sauce they served on the side.  It seemed like it was just a spicy version of an eastern style vinegar sauce.  It didn’t taste like hot sauce, but as if something else was added to it.  This extra spice helped the marriage between the Cole slaw and the chicken.  The sandwich was pretty good.  The only thing stopping it from being great was the Cole slaw.

Cole slaw is one of those things that varies based on your taste preference.  So to some people this Cole slaw would be really good, which would make the sandwich great to them.  Regardless if you are in Durham and are looking for a place to grab some lunch and want a Spicy Chicken BBQ Sandwich, Elmo’s Diner is the place to go.


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