Is Newt finished for real this time?

The campaign news of the day is that at least 5 of Newt Gingrich’s top campaign people have left his campaign.  There were disagreements about the direction of the campaign that led to their exits.  Some people have speculated that it could be that some of these aides want to move on to a possible Rick Perry campaign, though they dispute that (though one co-chair has moved to Pawlenty).

The big question though is can his campaign withstand this overhaul.  He says he isn’t going anywhere and will begin anew.  I respect his desire to push through, but is it worth it.  He is already an older candidate which in this day and age will work against him, and he has already battled his own party over comments he made on television.

I thought he made some good comments when he questioned the support for Ryancare, but I was disappointed when he backtracked from his comments days later, because the party was upset.  I think it would have been good for him to stand up for what he really thinks.

After going through that, then factoring in his top campaign people, I am not sure he can make it through this.  There has been an influx of more attractive candidates into the race, and I think it may be time for Newt to call it a career when it comes to running for public office.


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