Are the Dems in Congress living a double standard?

UPDATE 6/11/11 – House Democrats have called for Rep. Weiner to step down.

As I am sure you know by now, Representative  Anthony Weiner, admitted to sending lewd photos over twitter.  He also admitted to sending inappropriate photos to several woman over the last three years.  No democrat has stepped up and called for him to resign, even as he defiantly says he will not resign.  This is not good for the democrats.  They are currently trying to make the next few years about how republican plans are bad for woman, and now you have one of them misbehaving with woman, while married.  That can’t stand well with your parties values can it?  On top of that, he also lied for several weeks now about whether or not he even sent the photos.  Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., even came out about a week ago and defended Weiner, because Weiner assured him he had not sent the photos.

So on top of acting inappropriate and hurting his party’s message, he also lied to the party.  Yet no one is calling for him to step down, even the people he lied to are just expressing their disappointment in him.  This is where I believe the  double standard comes in.  Let’s reverse rolls for a moment and think about this happening to a republican.  I think it would be playing out completely different.  There would be plenty of calls for his resignation.  He is hurting the party, where are his family values, he can’t tell the truth and on and on.  Democrats, would not sit quietly by, instead they would also be giving their input about what should be done.

But that isn’t the case, instead democrats are talking about being disappointed and taking a silent stance on whether or not he should resign.  The republicans are being smart here.  They are keeping their mouths shut so far on this one.  They have been through this enough times to know how it plays out.  In fact, in a recent similar case, republican leadership ushered out Rep. Chris Lee for his shirtless photos.  If the democrats stay silent though, at some point the republicans will start to question whether a double standard is at play here.  I think it is, and that the republicans will have every right to question them if they continue on this silent path.

If you want to be able to call out one party for their bad apples and lack of family values, you have to be able to look within and do the same thing.


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