Was Best in Smoke a Success

Thanks to the holiday and a busy beginning to the work week, I am a little behind with this post.  I still feel I need to get it out though.  I wanted to get people’s thoughts about the show and if they felt it was a success.  I rather enjoyed the show, but I went into it with an open mind.  I knew that since it was on the Food Network, that it was not going to be about traditional smoking.  I knew they were going to make it a cooking show and throw some twists in that would make the purist cringe.  Had I not gone into with this mindset, I think I would have been disappointed.

I really enjoyed how the show brought out the versatility of what you can do with a grill and a smoker.  I would have never considered a smoked salad, a dessert, or even tofu for that matter.  I think what it really showed was that smoking is just for us meat lovers.  No matter what your food preference is, there is a place for it on the grill and smoker.  I was hoping that the final showdown was going to feature Famous Dave, Brad Orrison, and Chris Lilly.  I greatly admire these guys when it comes to smoking meats.  Two of my three favorites made the finals, as did my dark horse Matt Lang.  When the show first aired I told my wife that he had a shot at winning, because this is the Food Network and they will throw some exotic challenges that fit him better than anyone.

I was not upset about the results of the show either.  All three of the finalists had ups and downs that episode and it was about being best that day.  I do think the light BBQ meal for the cast of Mama Mia and the Tofu dish helped push Matt over the edge.  I don’t consider his steamed Pork Shoulders as a smoke dish, though I would like to try it.  Plus, you simply don’t beat Chris Lilly at pork shoulders. I mean, he is a 9 time world champion in that category.  However, it was a cooking show and Matt simply cooked what was presented to him.   I wasn’t a fan of all the judges either.  The one judge I did like was Amy Mills.  She seemed, every episode, to keep the focus on the meat.  That is what the show was about.  So I appreciated her constant reminder of how the meat was the star.

I would be interested in hearing what other people thought about the show.  Leave some comments with how you thought the show went!


2 responses to “Was Best in Smoke a Success

  1. I think that as a cooking show that involved big names in the BBQ industry, it was done well. The challenges (especially the final episode) were intense! If someone watched the show expecting it to be more like BBQ Pitmasters (where the focus was on competition style BBQ), then they would be disappointed.

    While it did not portray competition BBQ, I think the goal of getting some of the major names in BBQ out to the mainstream public was achieved.

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