Fried BBQ Beef Tips

I have had a hectic work schedule that last week or so making it a little difficult to get a blog post up.  I wanted to put something up about something I experienced about a week or so ago.  I needed to go grocery shopping so my freezer was looking a little thin.  We also wanted to try something a little different.  I decided to take a different route to surf and turf and in doing so created something I had not heard of before.  Fried BBQ Beef Tips!

We had some Tilapia for our Surf portion and I wanted to use the beef tips for the turf.  First I wanted to make my cubed beef tips as tender as possible while making a beef broth to cook the rice in.  I used some of Big Tex Morgan’s Dry Rub to season the beef and water and let it boil first then simmer for a few hours until the meat was tender and full of flavor.  I used the beef broth to cook some rice with, and cooked my Tilapia over a bed of onions that are cooking in butter and extra virgin.  I season the Tilapia with some of Pork Barrel BBQ‘s rub and let it cook away.

While all that was cooking, I used the last little bit of Big Tex Morgan Rub and mixed it with some flour and breaded up my tender cubed beef tips and fried them.  After being fried I covered them in BBQ sauce.  The sauce I used this time was another sauce from Pigchaser.  You will remember I used his Pineapple Mango sauce for the smoked ham.  This time I used his Garlic BBQ sauce.  This was much better than the fruity one I used before.  The sauce was delicious and the garlic flavor was not overpowering at all.

The beef tips came out great and everyone loved it.  So my BBQ twist on Surf n Turf came out a success.  Tilapia with onions served over a bed of beef flavored rice with a side of fried BBQ beef tips!


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