Squealers Barbeque Sauces

So I received some new sauce in the mail and wanted to give it a try.  Usually when I get a new sauce to try I want to cook with it and see how it holds up to cooking.  Some sauces while good, tend to lose some of their goodness during cooking.  Last night was one of the few nights where I did not feel like cooking.  I have been feeling myself getting sick for the last few days and it has come to full fruition between last night and today.

The sauces are small chain of BBQ joints in Indiana called Squealers.  They also are competitive on the circuit and have been quite successful.  On the labels of their bottles they list all the awards they have won.  They have awards dating back to 1999.  This made me want to try their sauce even more.  They have two different sauces, Smokey-Sweet and a Smokin’ Hot Sauce.  The ingredients between the sauces is pretty much the same except for the Jalapenos in the hot sauce.

As I said before I was not in a real position to cook and so I used some chicken nuggets I had around to try the sauces.  When I first opened the bottles I was sure they were gonna be good.  They had a great smell to them.  You could really smell the Jalapenos in the hot sauce and the sweet sauce just smelled delicious.  I noticed in the ingredients that they did not use liquid smoke, so I was interested if there was going to be a smokey flavor.  You could smell a hint of smoke when you opened the bottles.  There wasn’t a real strong smoke flavor but you could really taste the honey and the molasses and there was just great flavor.  While eating the Smokey-Sweet, I almost forgot I had another bottle to taste.  The Smokin’ Hot was just as good.  You could still taste the honey and molasses which went really well with the heat.  The heat wasn’t overbearing, but was just the right amount of heat for those who like heat but nor over the top heat.

Overall, these are both delicious sauces and I cannot wait to use them again when I am actually cooking.  Don’t worry I will definitely be writing about them again as I use their sauce again.  If they can cook as well as they make sauce I may just have to make a trip to Indianapolis and give them a try.  Good excuse to go see my Uncle who lives there.

If you are in the Indianapolis area go give their joint a taste.  I know at least their sauce is good, and that is a great start!


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