Salisbury Steaks with Big Tex Morgan’s Sauce and Rub

So the other day I was thinking about something else that I could cook that was a little bit different and use some BBQ sauce.  I had a bottle of Big Tex Morgan’s Western BBQ Sauce and some of their Western BBQ Rub.  This isn’t a sauce that is available here, but luckily I was one of the Friday Giveaway Winners from BBQ Sauce Reviews and so I had some of this product in my cabinet.

Anyway, I decided to make some Salisbury steak to go with some mashed potatoes.  I know some of you don’t think of Salisbury steak as a high quality food item.  But guess what, I don’t care.  I like and so does my family.  Back to the food.  I had 2 pounds of ground beef and used a hefty amount of the western rub to work through the meat to get the flavor all the way through.  I then poured some of the sauce in as well to keep the meat moist and have the flavor all the way through.  I cooked the meat for a few minutes on both sides and then covered them with the remaining sauce, covered it, and let it cook for another 20 minutes or so.

The house was filled with this great smell.  The rub and sauce provided a great smell and a great flavor to the meat.  The sauce was not sweet, and you could really taste the smokey flavor.  I also think that the chunks of onion added great flavor and texture to the sauce.  This is another sauce that I would try again, and I am excited to try the Big Tex Morgan Boot Kickin Chipotle Sauce still in my cabinet.


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