BBQ Beef Stroganoff

Some good friends of mine from college (Tim and Holli Ellison and the new edition Charlotte) who are now married and live in Kansas City were in town last week.  They were visiting another family member, but we did get a chance to meet up for dinner.  Knowing how I feel about BBQ and BBQ sauce they brought a bottle for me from KC.  They brought me a bottle of Jack Stack Barbecue KC Original Sauce.  It has been sitting in the pantry since then and I have been thinking of something creative to try with it.

Today as I was driving home from work I decided what I was going to do.  I wanted some Beef Stroganoff and decided to make a BBQ version of it.  Instead of the standard gravy the beef is in, I decided to make gravy out of BBQ sauce.  I took out some stew beef, placed it in a large pot, and filled it with water.  I poured in some seasonings and some of the BBQ sauce and let it cook on medium high for 2 hrs.  To get the meat really tender you should boil it in whatever mixture you want for as long as it needs to get the right tenderness.  I keep the part 3/4ths covered and let it just cook away.  Once the meat is finished I take some of the liquid out to cook the noodles in so the beef broth can cook into the noodles as well.

Then I take some of the remaining juice out and mix in some more seasoning, sauce, and flour and whisk it all together and then add it back to the pot.  I bring it back to a boil and as the gravy thickens I put the top on and let it simmer until the noodles are done.  I had never eaten BBQ gravy before, and loved how it came out.  I have to admit though that I had to add seasoning to the sauce because as it is, the Jack Stack sauce isn’t that spectacular.  In fact, it tastes like the sauce you get at McDonald’s with your chicken nuggets.  While that flavor fits a fast food place, it is not what I expect from Kansas City.  So I am not sure how this would have come out without adding some extra seasoning.

Nevertheless, it did come out great.  The family ate it up and there are very little leftovers, even though I was trying to make enough to have some leftovers.  The seasoning I added had a small kick to it, and my oldest daughter who generally doesn’t like spicy, didn’t mind it because she said it tasted so good.  So all in all, despite the fact that Jack Stack’s sauce is similar to McDonald’s sauce.  I was able to season it enough to make my BBQ Beef Stroganoff a success.  You should try it sometime.


One response to “BBQ Beef Stroganoff

  1. Even though I disagree with your comparisson to McDonalds' sauce, I like the idea of making a stroganoff with BBQ. Maybe we'll have to make you some pulled BBQ chicken with Jack Stack sauce at some point! -Holli

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