Uncle Joe’s BBQ: Sauce In A Bag

A couple of weeks back I won one of the great giveaways from Brian Henderson’s BBQ Sauce Reviews and I got a couple of Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a bag.  I had a small package of the Southwest Blend and a larger package of the Original Blend.  I had been meaning to give it a try since then, but new I wanted to try it on some ribs.  Since I only had a small amount of the southwest blend I mixed with some other seasonings.  I am not writing about the Southwest Blend only to say that it smelled really good.

I did have enough of the Original blend to make it.  The way it is set up is that all you have to do is add water and ketchup.  You can add your own twist if you want, but I wanted to try it as it was.  This blend also smelled excellent and upon making it the taste was great as well.  It was a lot sweeter than I was expecting and the strongest flavors were sugar and hickory.  When I then looked at the ingredients I noticed they used both brown and white sugar.  That sugar flavor really stood out, but did not over power the hickory flavor.  I think this would be a great sauce to compliment a spicy dry rub, because you could get a sweet and spicy mixture.

I don’t have a a rating system other than would I buy it again or not.  Since I only have the smell of the Southwest blend, I would buy some of that since I want to know if the taste can follow up the great smell.  I would by the original blend, because I think there is a good place for it.  My wife thought it was a little too sweet for her, but I think that sweet hickory flavor would be a great compliment to something spicy and so I would get it again.

Even though I don’t eat ribs (the rest of my family does), I decided to make some spare ribs for the Final Four.  I had some spare ribs in the freezer and decided to have at it.  I used a different method than actually smoking it on the grill.  I had some other things to do that do and didn’t have 4 hours to smoke them.  I did rub the ribs down in a dry rub and also let them marinate in some beer while I was out.  When it came time to cook them I preheat the oven to 500 degrees for 20 minutes.  Meanwhile I give them another rub in some dry rub and a light coating of sauce, and wrap the pan tightly with some foil.  As soon as I place the ribs in the oven I turn the temp down to 200 degrees and let them cook for 2 hrs.  Then I take the foil off and cover them in sauce, turn the temp to 300 and let them cook uncovered for 10 minutes.  The meat fell right off the bone and my family ate the ribs right up.

So if you don’t have a smoker or the time to smoke ribs for 4 hours this an alternative method to still get meat falling of the bone kind of ribs.


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