New Smoker on My Mind

So as winter goes away and warmer weather is slowly creeping in.  My thoughts have gone towards what new smoker will I buy for this season.  I just brought a small Brinkman not to long ago, but am wanting something bigger.  I have thought about getting a Weber Grill since that seems to be recommended to me a lot when talking to folks.  Someone even went as far to as suggest I get a Weber Gas Grill, but you know me and there is no way I am getting a gas grill.

I do want to get something large enough to cook several racks of ribs or a couple of pork shoulders at one time. I need to test my hand at briskets so I would also like something that can handle some briskets when I get to that point.  I don’t have a huge budget for it, but I also have some time.  I want to get it before my annual Memorial Day cookout when I smoke stuff up for anywhere between 20 and 40 people.

I have seen lots of things that I like, but would like to reach out to you all for some suggestions.


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