Barb-B-Q Center

So after I left Smoke Joe’s, I turned the other way on Main Street and kept driving.  My intention was not to eat again, but I missed my turn and just kept driving.  And there it was Barbecue Center with smoke gushing out.  It was almost as if it was calling me.  I couldn’t resist and had to go in and so I did.  It was a lot closer to the lunch rush and you could tell from the parking lot.  It wasn’t full yet, but it was filling up.  They also had a feature in the back where you could park and order and they would bring your order out to your car.  Now that is some good quality BBQ service.

There was a great atmosphere on the inside and I knew I would like this place.  Let me back track for a second.  There was plenty of smokey goodness outside and it only got better inside.  The service was great and my waitress was lively. When I explained I had just ate at another place she laughed and asked why.  This was a great chance to explain my love of the Q and why I was there.  She promptly told me I arrived at the best and would not need to eat anywhere else.  She was pretty convincing, but I will let the food do the talking.

I ordered some hush puppies and a chopped pork sandwich.  Once again, I will say that this is not generally my favorite or preferred style of Q.  The sandwich came with the red or BBQ slaw so the sandwich had plenty of sauce.  So much so that the bottom bread began to get soggy.  It was GOOD though.  I was definitely glad I stopped.  There was definitely a distinction in the taste between their Q and Smokey Joe’s.  She did hype up their hush puppies, but I must admit that I was not a fan of them.  They were fried way to hard and were on the verge of being burnt.  I do think that had they not been overcooked they may actually have been good.  I must get back to the BBQ though.  It was really good. There was good flavor.  I am not sure if it was naturally moist or was it because there was so much sauce on there.  Either way I am not complaining and definitely would love to go back.  The atmosphere combined with the Q makes it a great place.  As I sat there eating the place just kept filling up and I can understand why.

I can’t say if it is the best in Lexington since I know there are several more I have not been to yet, but I will and I am definitely getting back to Lexington sometime in the future.

If you happen to be in Lexington you have to stop by you can find more information at or visit them at:

900 North Main Street
Lexington, NC 27292


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