The Q Shack

So yesterday it was the last day for our Duke Intern Rebecca (hope I spelled her name right).  It was decided that we would go get some Q at the Q Shack for lunch.  Of course I am not going to turn down that kind of meal and so off we went.

It was the lunch rush and so there was a good crowd of people there which is always a good sign.  I didn’t ask the others, but I did not get a strong smoke smell as we were walking in and this bothered me some.  On the inside there was a good smell and I was ready to eat.  I went with the brisket sandwich which came with hush puppies and a side (I chose mac n cheese).  Now brisket in my opinion is the hardest thing to get right and so it is also the easiest to mess up.  So I am always interested in getting some brisket, because done right it is amazing. 

I thought that they did well in some areas of the brisket.  The meat was tender and moist which means they had the smoking part right, but it was really lacking flavor so it wasn’t the complete package.  To get any flavor I had to add some of their sauce which I will get to in a moment.  My coworker Cara indicated that her brisket tasted like smoke and water and that is exactly what happens when you don’t get your seasoning right.  I do know that some Q joints will scale back their rubs because they are serving many different taste buds, I wouldn’t and I am not saying they did but their flavor just wasn’t cutting it.  I did enjoy my hush puppies as they were not to crispy or to chewy but the right combination.  My mac n cheese was pretty good but wasn’t great.  They did have some seasoning in it as I could taste the pepper (a lot of places don’t do that), but it just wasn’t cheesy enough to be great mac n cheese.

Adam got the pulled pork and enjoyed it.  Hopefully, he will give a good breakdown in the comment section.  They had 2 sauces on the table which were the Eastern style vinegar and a more traditional sauce.  The vinegar sauce was a little weak in the flavor department for me and so I went for the other sauce.  This one had more flavor and even a little hint of heat.  It also had a bit of tangy in the flavor.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it but it did help the brisket out.

If you want more info on the Q shack hit up their website or go visit yourself.

2510 University Drive
Durham, NC 27707


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