July 4th Magic!

So during my absence we had a holiday that has turned into a great day for people to try their hands at grilling.  I think every day is an excuse for that, but for the rest of the world July 4th is a great opportunity for it.  I generally try and have a people over and fire away, but with the way things were we decided to just have a family thing.  I found a great Boston Butt and I couldn’t pass it up and so July 4th would not escape without some Q.

On July 3rd I gave it the rubdown with my Mike D’s All Purpose Dry Rub and let it marinate overnight in some Mike D’s Eastern NC Sauce.  Got up nice and early on the 4th and went to work smokin’.  I am a low and slow kind of guy and so I had to keep a good steady temperature between 225 and 275 and at that temp it will generally take 10 – 12 hrs depending on the weight.  I love hickory smoke and mesquite smoke and since it is hard for me to choose between them I always use both.  I combined them with my competition briquettes from Kingsford and that is how the magic happens.  If you don’t have a traditional smoker (I don’t) and are using a larger grill with offset heat then it is also good to have a way to keep some moisture in the air.  I like to place about 12 cans of been in a pan over the heat for my moisture.  Some people will use water or a water and vinegar mix it’s all about your preference.  Towards the end when the beer has evaporated I will use water and then nothing when it’s time for the stretch run.  If you have a smoker with an offset firebox it is goof to have a spray bottle handy to spray the meat with every couple of  hours to keep moist.

I generally like to check the heat every hour and a half and that is simply checking the temp gauge on the outside of the grill.  If you make the mistake of opening the lid every time you check you will constantly lose heat and have to add time to the smokin’.  Whenever the heat is running low add more wood and charcoal to keep the heat coming.  12 hours later it is time to take it off the heat and the meat rest for about 15 minutes.  After that you can either start pulling the meat off (pulled pork) or cut it up and eat it up.  On this day I chose to cut it up for some cubed Q instead of the pulled.

Taylor who is generally not a big Q fan was on this day.  She ate 2 sandwiches and would of had another if we had let her.  Maybe there is hope yet in turning her around!


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