BBQ Fast Food?

So I had surgery on my jaw this week and can’t eat real food for awhile so I wanted to take a chance and catch up on some entries I should have written before surgery.

One thing that does not always go hand in hand is good food and fast food.  When it comes to getting some good Q I really think fast food should not come as a source.  However, fast food does serve a purpose when your in a hurry and hey even then we want some good Q.  NC has the perfect solution to this problem…Cookout!  This isn’t your typical fast food place and does have some really good food.  One of the things they do pretty well is a pulled pork sandwich.  I have gone multiple times for the pork and it is different each time, but more often than not it is pretty good.  They use a good vinegar based sauce that generally keeps the meat nice and moist and the slaw that comes on it is pretty good as well.  Now don’t expect this to be the best BBQ sandwich you ever had, but it is definitely better than some of the places I have blogged about.  So if you in a hurry and in NC you can still get some good pork just find the nearest Cookout!


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