Mike D’s Sauce

So I gotta say something about what happened yesterday in regards to my sauce.  The spicy sauce to be exact.  I had given a bottle to my neighbor at the Memorial Day Throwdown and I am guessing he enjoyed it.  Yesterday he had what seemed like a good bit of family down for a cookout and I guess they liked the sauce as well.  He came over and asked if I was selling my sauce.  He seemed a bit surprised when I said I was not yet selling it.  His family was asking about it and wanting some for themselves.  I had an extra bottle of spicy so I gave it and some business cards for the family.  When I went outside to wash the cars some of the family was out there and talked about how they really enjoyed the sauce.  I hope that they take it back to Virginia where they are from and start spreading the word.

I think that the moral of this story is I need to step my game up and get ready to start selling my sauces


3 responses to “Mike D’s Sauce

  1. Uh Yeah. I thought you knew that already. One of the girls at work is wasking about it!!! Get a move on it!

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