Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue

I know this is a little late but here goes……

The day after my Memorial Day Throwdown I went into Raleigh for work and to meet a friend for lunch.  He decided to take me to Cooper’s to try out the Q.  I am never going to turn that down so I gladly went.  I ordered the Pork and Chicken plate with collards and Brunswick Stew.  Let me back up for a second.  When I was outside and first walked in I thought there was no way I could get some good Q here.  I couldn’t smell anything and that is never a good sign.  Back to the food.  I will start by saying I was not a fan of the collards, but the stew was pretty good.  The meats are contrasting stories.  The chicken was pretty dry (white meat) and not very flavorful.  However, the pork was delicious one of the better ones I’ve had.  It was tender, moist, and full of flavor and needed no sauce at all.  I did try the house vinegar sauce and it was good as well.  In fact it helped out the chicken.

While I can’t speak to highly of the sides I will say that if you want to good pulled pork BBQ this is a good place to go.  I would be interested in what someone has to say about their ribs.

Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue
109 East Davie Street


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