Sunday Funday!

So as I mentioned in the previous post I marinated a roast all night.  I decided to cook that roast on the grill instead of the Crockpot like I usually do.  I wanted to try for a smokey flavor and was just curious as to how it would turn out.  I also decided that I was going to try and make some smokey mashed potatoes to go with some collards for Sunday dinner.  I placed the roast on some aluminum foil and cut up some potatoes and onions to place on and around the meat.  Once again, I used the Kingsford’s Competition Briquets and of course they worked to perfection.  I set the coals off to one side since I wanted to go with some indirect heat, and used some hickory wood chips to give that hickory kick.

The rain held off which was going to be key in maintaining the temperature of my coals.  I will say that it took about 3 hours for the meat to get where I wanted it and if everyone wasn’t hungry I probably could have given it another thirty minutes.  About 2 hours into the cooking I removed most of the potatoes and some of the onions and juice that had built up for my mashed potatoes.  I used that juice as well as some beef broth I had made on Saturday to boil the potatoes to the point where there were ready for the mashing.  This way I was able to keep that smokey hickory flavor they had gained while on the grill.

Everything came out great and the family gobbled it all up pretty quickly.  I must say that I rather enjoyed the smokey mashed potatoes.  The meat was tender, moist, and full of flavor.  I have to say that Big Daddy’s Marinade did the job.  I also found another fun way to make a roast.


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