Grill Bully Grillin’ Elixir

So yesterday the family went to Raleigh for the Agriculture festival.  The family wanted to have a good time, but I knew this would be a good opportunity to find some good BBQ products to try out.  There were a lot of booths that had different sauces and dry rubs out for people to taste and smell, and some were better than others.  I did buy from two of the vendors and will write about one later today after I experiment with it.  Let’s get to Grill Bully though.

Let me start by saying this is a really good sauce.  If you are looking for a sauce that does not have a lot of heat and is sweet and packed with flavor, this is the sauce for you.  At his booth he had some meatballs slow cooking in his sauce, and they were wonderful.  I liked the fact that he used meatballs instead of pork or chicken (one booth used tortilla chips, not ideal for bbq sauce tasting in my opinion), this really showed the versatility in his sauce.  When I look for a good BBQ sauce I want it to be good for more than just the traditional grill items.  I want the flavors to be good enough for any style of cooking.

I decided to use the sauce as soon as I got home.  I had some cubed beef ready for some stew but decided to go a different route.  I slow cooked the meat with my seasoning rub so I could have some good beef broth for later and also to get the meat nice and tender.  After removing my broth, I covered the beef with the Grill Bully sauce and let it simmer on low for about an hour.  I served it with some rice and vegetables, and we all loved it.

I will say that so far this is my favorite sauce other than mine. I will even try an keep some bottles around because it is a good alternative to my sauces.  All of my sauces tend to be on the more spicy side of the scale and this a great alternative for the times when we are looking for some more sweet and less spicy.  I would encourage everyone to hit up and read about the sauce and look at the listing of restaurants that serve his sauce.  I know I will be looking to visit some of these locations, and don’t forget while your on the site to buy a bottle!


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