Big Daddy’s Marinade

I already talked about the sauce that I bought at the AG festival, but now I want to talk about the marinade that I bought.  I stopped by the booth because I was interested in a marinade.  Usually there is a sauce that can be used as a marinade, I was interested in finding something that is advertised as a marinade only.  At their booth they had some pulled pork to taste that had marinated in their stuff.  Actually, I thought it was a bit on the salty side on the pork, but thought there was some good flavor and thought maybe the extra salt taste came from the pork.  Once I got home and began cooking with the other sauce, I had a great idea of how to use the marinade. I was planning on cooking a roast for Sunday dinner and decided to let it marinade over night in a mixture of my seasoning and Big Daddy’s Marinade.  For the sake of letting Big Daddy being the star of his own post I will say that it came out great and hope you come back to read the next post.

I do recommend this as a good marinade and also say that because it has some soy sauce in it you can go light on the salt to prevent an overpowering salt flavor.

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