Sunday Funday!

Sunday is a great day to break out the grill and do some q’ing.  Today while out doing some grocery shopping I saw some pork steaks that I thought would be great to use for a quick marinade and the grill.  I also finally got a chance to get a bag of the Kingsford Competition Briquets which I had been waiting to do.  These are designed to burn hot and be ready faster.  They can be used for a variety of different heating styles as well.  I was more excited about getting a bag of this than anything else.  Well I gave my pork a good rub down of my dry rub and a good coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I let them sit for about an hour and then got them cooking away.  While they were cooking I gave both sides a decent coating of Italian Dressing and let them finish.  I thought they came out great and the family enjoyed them, to the left is a photo of the finished product.

These competition briquets were really cooking and so I decided to also throw on a skirt steak.  Ideally, I would have let it marinate longer, but in this instance I did not have the time since I wanted to get it on these coals.  I gave it a good rub of seasoning and a coat of EVOO and got it on the heat.  Gave both sides a good searing and then moved it off the heat some to finish cooking.  It finished up nice and tender and went well with a salad and some mac n cheese as did the pork.  Pics of the skirt are below and that was another bit of Sunday Funday!

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