12 Bones

So I was in Asheville for work and everyone indicated that this is the place I needed to go.  So we had our lunch meeting there.  Apparently, this is a very popular place and in fact I believe the President has eaten there twice.  I ordered the pulled pork plate with smoked potato salad and corn pudding.  It was an interesting meal.  The pork as chunkier than I expected and you could definitely tell it was Western style with the sauces.  Like any good place they don’t put the sauce on there, and it was good without the sauce.  I tried three of the sauces and some were definitely better than others.   Their vinegar sauce wasn’t that good and that wasn’t surprising since they are a western nc joint.  I am generally not a fan of the western sauces but theirs was really good as was the jalapeno sauce.  The sides were definitely the best things on the plate though.  The smoked potato salad was the best restaurant potato salad that I have had and the corn pudding was amazing.  Even though I am not a rib guy I definitely want to come back for the ribs because that is what everyone kept talking about.


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