Site Traffic Update

Wanted to give everyone an update on the traffic we are having on the site.  Since the site was launched on April 11th we have had 213 visits.  We have had 52 visits already in the first week of May!  This month we even had our first visitor from Canada, who knows maybe I’ll get some invites to taste some Canadian Q and sauces!  Finally, according to we have a world ranking of 2,252,973.  I know that seems like a bad rating, but considering we have only been around for a month I’ll take it, plus last week our world ranking was 2,854,500.  In a week we have jumped 601,527 spots.  That sounds like some growth to me.  Let’s keep growing the site together, I can’t do it without you so keep sending people.


2 responses to “Site Traffic Update

  1. sure…i posted earlier about a way to make some pulled pork without a smoker and also had a post about ribs….more will be on the way

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