Stadium Q?

So today the staff from work went to a Durham Bull’s day game.  As much as I love baseball I hadn’t been to the stadium yet, so much to my surprise there was a BBQ joint inside.  Dillard’s BBQ is a place I have not been to yet and I will not judge them by their stadium q.  That is a good thing since the staduim bbq was not that good.  I got the Carolina q dog which is basically a hot dog with pulled pork on top with slaw.  The meat didn’t have much flavor though if you added some their sauce it gave it a little kick.  So unless someone proves otherwise I don’t think stadiums and bbq mix that well.  Unless of course it’s part of a tailgate and is being cooked right!


2 responses to “Stadium Q?

  1. Hey, I'd heard that the food at Dorton Arena (at the NC State Fairgrounds) for the RollerGirls matches was horrible and we should bring our own. However, I trusted my gut once and ordered a BBQ sandwich and it was actually very good. In fact, one of the better BBQ sandwiches we'd tried in the area. Go figure! -DaniMM

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