Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue

So today my travels for work took me to Bolivia, NC which is right outside of Wilmington.  We decided to drive into Wilmington to grab lunch and of course BBQ was the choice.  Her daughter had told her that Jackson’s was the best place around, and that there weren’t many other options.  There wasn’t a strong smell of q outside, but once you went in you could definitely smell it.  As you can see in the picture their Menu has a great line on it that really sums up the place

I ordered the small BBQ pork plate with potato salad and collards as my sides. It also came with hush puppies and cornbread sticks which aren’t pictured.  The only let down of the meal was the potato salad, to me it was just average.  However, the collards were really good as was the meat.  The meat was really moist and full of flavor where no extra sauce was needed.  They had a house vinegar sauce on the table that I tried and that had some great flavor to it.  You needed to give it a good shake to get all the flavors mixed as you will be able to tell in the picture.  I won’t say that this is the best place I have been to but was really good and anytime I am in the Wilmington area I would gladly stop by as should you!

Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue
920 S Kerr Ave
Wilmington, NC 28403

(910) 799-1581


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