Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken

So today for my day job I was down in Fayetteville for some meetings and of course I had to find a place to get some BBQ.  As I was leaving town I remembered I had made a mental note to visit this place I passed on my way in.  Before writing this post I went to verify something the staff at the place told me. Indeed, President Obama had visited there during the campaign back in ’08.  It wasn’t a very good reception according to the articles though.  Back to my visit though. I believe the first sign of things to come was the fact that there was no smell of BBQ whatsoever from the outside.  I believe all great Q joints you can smell it before you enter.   On the inside there still was only a faint smell of Q.

I still plugged along and ordered the small BBQ plate with collards and Brunswick stew as my sides.  The service was fast in that before I could pick up my straw the young lady was already carrying my plate to a table.  Before I started eating of course I had to take a photo of my plate which caught the attention of that same young lady.  After I explained why I was taking the photo a lot of action happened.  She reported to the manager I was there who of course had to ask was I enjoying my meal.  The food was good but not great.  Overall I would say that it was average q.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  The meat was tender and moist, but lacked any flavor.  I believe that good pulled pork shouldn’t need any extra sauce to bring out the flavor.  To get some flavor I had to add some of their house vinegar sauce that was on the table.  That sauce was flavorful, but I wouldn’t call it a great sauce either.  The hush puppies were probably the best thing on my plate.  They weren’t crispy but were still good and as you can tell from the photo they were pretty large.  My collards were pretty good as was the stew.

It got interesting when the young lady asked my opinion of the pork, and indicated she didn’t cook it so I wouldn’t hurt her feelings.  So I told her it was good and that the meat was moist, but lacked flavor unless I added some of the house sauce.  She didn’t leave it at that though.  She quickly went back to the kitchen to deliver my thoughts.  The chef at that time didn’t want to go down like that so he asked me to wait a few more minutes for a fresh batch to test the flavor out.  I waited and he proudly brought me a sample of the fresh batch.  I have to admit that the fresh batch had more flavor that what was on my plate, but it still wasn’t a strong flavor and was still lacking somewhat in the flavor department.

All in all it was a fun experience as the staff was energetic and fun spirited.  I will not say that the food was bad because it wasn’t.  It’s just that it wasn’t great and good not great is average in my book.  I will not say that I wouldn’t eat there again because I would be interested in eating their chicken.  Feel free to check them out and make your own opinion.

Cape Feat BBQ & Chicken
523 Grove St
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 483-1884 


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