Sunday Fun!

 Have you ever wondered how to get a good pulled pork style sandwich without having smoker?  Or have a smoker an it’s a very windy day making it hard to maintain the right temperature for low and slow?  I have the perfect solution and all you need is a crockpot!  I don’t know a good chef who does not have a crockpot or slow cooker as some folks like to call them.  If you don’t have one you need to get one.  I used to have 3 of them and am now down to 2.  Any way back to the food.  You can use this to make some good, moist, flavorful pork sandwiches and don’t have to monitor temperature.

First, you need to buy a good pork shoulder or Boston Butt.  After that it is pretty simple.  You give it a good rub with whatever seasonings you want to use, and inject your vinegar sauce into it.  Place it in the crockpot and give it some more vinegar, I like to give a small coating of Italian dressing, and finally throw in some liquid smoke to give it a smoky flavor.  You cook it on low for 12 hrs and you have some great pork ready to go.  I’ve never done it for anyone who didn’t enjoy it.  In fact this is how I fed my family and wedding party at my rehearsal dinner. (SN:  I was mad that night because someone tossed my vinegar sauce that had cooked with the meat all night.) The great thing is that you can let it cook over night while you sleep and you don’t have to keep getting up to check on your heat.  As it cooks the meat just falls apart perfectly, and if you get the Boston Butt with the bone still in, the meat falls right off of it! 

You definitely have to try it sometime!


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