More Sunday Afternoon Fun!

As I have mentioned before I am not a big rib eater.  However, my wife loves them and so every so often I need to break out the ribs for her.  Today was one of those days when we settled on some pork spare ribs for some Sunday cookin’.  I decided to go with an indirect heat approach and do some low n slow which in my opinion is always the way to go.  Nothing beats low and slow!

I have my own dry rub/all purpose seasoning that I gave the ribs a good coating of.  I then gave them a thin coat of some olive oil before placing them on the grill.  I had my coals cooking on one side and no heat on the side that was ready for the ribs.  I wanted to keep my temp between 250 and 275.  If I wanted to cook them high and fast I would have kept my temp in the 325-350 range.

While the ribs were cooking I turned my attention to the sides for the day.  I went to work making my potato salad, while my wife went to work on mixing some collards and mustards.  Now she was a bit skeptical to try that when I suggested it, but went along with it anyway.  While the food was cooking it gave me some time to catch up on a marathon of Deadliest Warrior.

3.5 hours later the ribs were done, the greens were simmering away, and the potato salad was chilled and ready for the eating.  The family loved the ribs, even Jordyn, who got her first taste of ribs.  I am partial to my potato salad so I won’t give a rating since you should be able to assume what it was.  I must say though that my wife did a great job with the mixing of the collards and mustards.  She threw in some jalapenos and they came out great!  So all in all it was another great Sunday afternoon on the grill.  As far as sauce goes I used a mixture of Lloyd Lewis sauce and some Jackson Brothers sauce (more on them another day).


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