Lloyd’s House of BBQ

Despite what the title may lead you to believe..it really isnt a house of BBQ.  It’s more like a tent on the side of the road.  Don’t let that tent fool you though.  After leaving the festival and doing some shopping we stopped at the Dollar Tree on Miami Blvd (in Durham).  In a grassy knoll at the end of the parking lot right on the edge of the road sits Lloyd’s House of BBQ.  I had to check it out, and I am glad that I did.  Of course, I had to get a pulled pork dinner which came with a roll and 2 sides.  I chose the mac n cheese and collards.  The pork was a bit on the salty side, but when you mixed it some of his homemade sauce it toned down the salt a bit.  For this particular platter the sides were the star, the mac n cheese was delicious but the collards were mmm mmm mmm good!  I had a brief conversation about sauces with the pit master, Lloyd Lewis, because his sauce was really good so I had to give a shameless plug for my sauce.

As we were leaving a man who referred to himself as Captain Newborn chatted us up about Mr. Lewis.  He said that these were the best ribs around and he gave them a 10 out of 10.  I had to admit that the ribs don’t look good.  After we got home and ate and chatted it up I had to go back and get some ribs.  I also decided to bring a bottle of my sauce to give him to try out.  Man!!!!  Am I glad I went back.  Those were the best ribs I had ever eaten!!!  This is coming from a man that likes to cook ribs but doesn’t like to eat them all that much.  After eating his ribs, I was speechless for a minute.  They were amazing.  I paired them with potato salad and cabbage and these were good as well.  The potato salad was good not great, but like the collards, the cabbage was mmm mmm mmm good.

He is going to cook with my sauce and see what he thinks and who knows a what could grow from this.  I will tell you this though if you happen to be in Durham on Fridays and Saturdays (the only days he is out there) swing by Miami Blvd by the Dollar Tree and get you some ribs, collards, and cabbage.  I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!  As you can slightly tell from the first picture there is a propane tank, so I had to ask if he used gas or charcoal.  I was very happy to hear that he used charcoal to smoke his meats and that the gas grill was used to keep things warm while on site.


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