Byrd’s BBQ

So this Sunday evening we went for a drive to check out an area near the house we hadn’t drove through, and what do you know we found a BBQ place.  We decided to go their for lunch today and we were in for a treat.  When we pulled up to it today it was impossible to find parking because their lot (small) was already overflowing which is always a good sign.  We were welcomed with a hint not a strong smell of BBQ, but I still had high expectations because of the amount of business that was there.

There was a good chatter going on, which let me know that people were comfortable there and once the door opened the smell made up for the lack of smell upon exiting the car!  They had limited seating and it put you right on top of other guest which was fun.  It encouraged conversation with the other guest.  We had our 9 month old daughter with us and this was a conversation starter with the people who were right around us.
I ordered the BBQ platter and my wife ordered the sliced BBQ platter.  The meat was great.  My pulled pork was perfectly moist and had great flavor to it.  The vinegar base was not to strong, and there was a slight sense of some heat.  My sides were mac n cheese and potato salad.  Both were good but neither was great, but the hush puppies made up for it.  The sliced BBQ was great as well.  It was tender and moist and had a good smokey flavor to it.  Her sides were cole slaw (which was good) and fries.  We gave Jordyn her first taste of BBQ today and she loved it.  In fact she wanted it so much that she actually put down her fries which never happens!

They did have a Memphis style sauce on the table which was pretty good, and they also had their vinegar sauce which was labeled as a hot sauce.  The pulled pork was moist enough where you didn’t need to add more, but the fact that it was labeled as spicy was a bit surprising since it wasn’t spicy outside of a small hint of heat.  We definitely will be going back to try out the other items on the menu.  Personally, I am really interested in trying their beef brisket, and Wednesday is rib day so if the ribs have a special day they have to be good right?  Time will tell so look for a future update on that.

Byrd’s BBQ
2816 Cheek Rd
Durham, NC 27704

(919) 530 – 1839


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