So over the Easter holiday weekend my wife and I took a mini vacation to VA Beach.  That isn’t the ideal spot to find some good NC style BBQ, but I needed some BBQ (as I always do) and had to find some.  We were lucky that right down the street from the hotel was a BBQ place and we had to check it out.

The first thing you noticed when getting out of the car was the great smell of BBQ.  If I pull up to a spot and can’t smell the q before entering that is never a good sign.  So we were already off to a good start.  Much to our surprise was that it was NC style BBQ (Eastern to be exact).  We were glad we decided to stop by because the q was amazing.  We both ordered the pulled pork sandwich platters which was a sandwich and two sides.  The meat was piled high and the vinegar based sauce was amazing.  That was definitely the best BBQ I have ever had in VA (grew up in Richmond) and also was one of the better pork sandwiches I have had even in NC.

If you are interested in sauce they had a house sauce on each table that had a slight tangy taste to it.  The sauce wasn’t one of my favorite, but the sandwich had no need for it as the vinegar base kept the meat nice and moist and full of flavor.  Unfortunately, I did not get photos of the food but here are a few photos of the outside of the place.

So remember if you happen to be in VA Beach and want some good BBQ check ’em out!

601 19th Street – Virginia Beach, VA 23451   •   757.422.4222 – Fax 757.422.2320


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